Travel trailer rentals bring me back to a simpler time. A time when families would camp out together and enjoy each others company. Where kids would run around in the woods, beach or wherever you are and just enjoy life. Think of Lucille Ball and the large trailer her and Dezi used in their movie The Long Long Trailer. That was a rather humorous look at Travel Trailer vacations.

Here at Rent RV we like to think of ourselves as providing opportunities for great family memories and we do this by providing travel trailer rentals. They range in size from 10’ to 27’ and they can sleep anywhere from four to eight people. Almost all of the units are fully self contained with bathrooms, kitchens, a place to eat and sitting areas.For more info please visit

Since we have such large range of sizes to choose from we will have something that most any tow vehicle can tow. Call us today and ask about our travel trailer rentals and see what we have that can be towed by your vehicle.

Most of our travel trailer rentals pickups are done in the afternoon and returns are in the morning exact times will be given on when the travel trailer rentals are made.. We ask the renter to provide an insurance binder if not we can provide a no binder coverage. When the renter picks the unit up we have a checkout procedure to show the renter how to use appliances and features of the particular travel trailer rentals. We take an $99.00 prep fee and cleaning fee on all our travel trailer rentals.

Travel trailer rentals can go just about anywhere. There are campground throughout the great northwest where you can park your trailer then unhook and drive around to sight see. Then at the end of the day you can return to your travel trailer rentals. That being said you do not need to use a campground there are many places that you can park for free you just have to be a bit of a free spirit and find them. They are hidden gems and can make the trip fun.

So if you are looking for travel trailer rentals please call us today and see how we can help you have a great vacation.

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